Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Heart Wieners

'Have you ever seen so many wieners in your life Mildred?'
'Why yes I have Ethel.'

For each of my pregnancies, I declined finding out the gender of the baby.  This proved to be incredibly frustrating for many people, but I loved not knowing.  The payoff at the end was having Dirty Daddy tell me if we welcomed a son or a daughter into our family.  

We were pretty typical expecting parents. Coming up with name lists, preparing rooms, buying clothes (albeit mostly yellow and green), taking baby classes.  If it was a girl, would we get her ears pierced as a baby?  If it was a boy, would we have him circumcised?  (It's not as big of a jump from ears to penises as you might think).

Circumcision is honestly something I have never spent anytime thinking about in my entire life.  Until I was pregnant.  And then I needed some information.  Not having a penis myself, I wasn't sure what the best choice would be should I have a son.  So I researched.  A lot.  Did you know that there is a support group for men who were circumcised as children but, as adults, feel that this is a problem?  Seriously.  I swear. 

There were as many pros for circumcision as there were cons.  So I went to the street.  I asked my girlfriends with sons if they had or hadn't and why.  I talked to my doctor.  I asked the husbands of my friends (turns out guys don't always like talking about their junk).  What it all boiled down to was what Dirty Daddy and I thought to be the best choice for our would be son.

And then I had a son.  My Monkey.  He was all little, and cute, and blue eyed, and perfect.  Now we really had to decide.  A little snip snip for his little bit?  There was a lot of penis talk.  And we went with what we thought worked best for us and for him.

Whether you take a little off the top or not, the choice has to be one that sits right by you. The topic of circumcision is definitely one that can create lively discussion.  I have learned that, much like politics and religion, a little dick can cause quite a ruckus.

Cheers Dirties


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