Sunday, June 13, 2010

Potty Talk

I am the mother to a loving, beautiful, energetic, playful, independent, and precocious two and a half year old.  Bug has a vast vocabulary, can count past twenty and is now learning to count in Spanish (from where, I don't know, but I suspect Dora), shares with her one year old brother, kisses me all the time, loves to be creative in her crafts and play.  The list goes on and on.  

I know.  You're thinking, 'Dirty Mommy, you have a perfect child'.  Of course I do. She is perfect for me in every way.  However, I do have one complaint.  'A complaint?  With such a perfect child?'  

Hard as it is to imagine that my daughter, the perfect non-tantrum throwing, eats all her vegetables, always shares, and never fails to hold my hand while crossing the street (aw hell, let's throw in she is a culinary genius and has been fast tracked to the third grade without even spending a day in school) little girl, has one area that creates some concern for me.

The potty.  I have come to the conclusion that I will have to quit my job, shut down my business and become a full time homeschooler because Bug will still be in diapers at 7.  And last I checked, that doesn't get you a seat in primary school.

That is not to say that the potty's in my house are not used.  The potty upstairs is often used by my one year old son to disassemble and reassemble, because that is apparently more fun than the 800 toys he has to play with.  But the potty downstairs is my Bug's favorite.  She loves that potty.  Although these potty's are identical, she prefers the downstairs potty.  Maybe it's because that potty has never actually been used for what it was designed.  

So, I ask you, in the same fashion as Capital One, what's in your potty?


Joanna said...

I'm following from MBC.


My Momma Drama said...

Oh, it took my son a while. He was so hard headed. He refused and would throw a fit everytime I even suggested that he use the pot. I would back off, wait a few weeks, then try again. Well one day a month or so ago, I decided I was going to be more stubborn than him - took a day off work and spent 3 full days in potty training boot camp with real undies (no pull-ups unless he was sleeping) and it took! Only had a few poo accidents the weeks following, but he's never worn a diaper since... He'll be 3 in August, so I don't know if it was his age, the undies or just me being consistant without daycare that did it...

Mrs. Mother said...

I also had a headstrong little girl who would not pottry train. It really was a power struggle. I finally had to let it go, and she trained on her own. She was a few weeks past four. I figured she would graduate college in Pull Ups, but she is now fully potty trained. I hope it gives you a little bit of hope.

Heligirl said...

Oh I feel for you. We're right there, almost three, happy to sit on the potty, not the least bit interested in using it for anything more than a place to stall the inevitable bath or bedtime. Though I did find "baby doll" sitting on it, complete with pants off, once. Sigh.

I about peed myself with your last quote there. Too funny!

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